Terri H.
We were very satisfied with the work that Dan and Tammy performed when it came to replacing our old air conditioner that died on us during the warmest week in July. They were extremely helpful in identifying issues we had from a bad remodel job the previous owners did and even resolved them. I am happy to recommend them to anyone in need of a hvac unit.
Dan E.
From calibration of our needs through installation and cost Dan and Tammy beat the competition hands down. The job included removal of our old, air only, conditioning system and installation of a complete HVAC including custom fabrication/install of metal ductwork. The total cost from F&I was lower than the competition's for a system that didn't include ductwork. Plus they were great to work with. F&I gets a 10 on a 5 pt scale!
Jackie C.
I knew after initially meeting with Dan and Tammy that this was what I was looking for- no nonsense, fairly priced, incredibly honest, and obviously competent. Their quote was well outlined, and they clearly described what they would do, and then guess what? They did it- exactly as they said they would. They even worked with me on a few of the tweaks and adjustments that needed to be made and were more than accommodating in remedying these issues. These are good people, and I can tell they are not a "lose your number contractor"- I wouldn't hesitate to call them if I needed help or a repair, and know that they would certainly assist. I would definitely recommend Fire and Ice for HVAC repairs and installation.
Harold V.
Very courteous and knowledgeable about questions on the furnace and air conditioner purchased. They were prompt and professional in the installation, careful in bringing tools and equipment in and out. We are a satisfied customer. Harold V.
Todd Slusar
I have been using Fire & Ice for a few years now. Once I found them I have used them consistently on my rental properties. When the time arises at my house I will use them there also. Dan and Tammy are very knowledgeable, efficient and fair. Do not hesitate to contact them for any heating and cooling needs.
bill thompson
They were so knowledgeable,it was mind-blowing. They did a great job my house it's like a freezer in the summer and like a barbecue grill in the winter. Spectacular service, prompt and courteous. I couldn't ask for anything else. They put my furnace in, the price was very affordable. I have not had a problem with my furnace since they put it in. I get a tune up get it cleaned, never had a problem since they put it in. I'm very happy I recommend them to my friends.